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Russell Thompson

Attorney at law

Your case isn’t about the law — it’s about you. The final outcome will be influenced by a million different aspects of your life. It’s fascinating, and it’s what makes being an attorney meaningful to me.

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My cases are worked on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t owe anything unless I recover money for you.

"before becoming an attorney, i worked my way up from the loading dock to the president’s office. today, my diverse background allows me to connect with people from all walks of life."

Providing the Personalized Attention You Deserve

Accessibility is the cornerstone of my practice. My clients work with me and me only. Yet while one-on-one counsel is a positive in and of itself, I find my ability to relate to a wide variety of people to be what really strengthens my client relationships. I never want to be the kind of attorney who becomes self-important and unable to connect with others. 

Staying Humble & Grounded Along the Way

I know what it’s like to work in manual labor. I understand the physical risks it often presents. In fact, it’s one of the many reasons I am so drawn to helping victims of personal injury. Not all employers look out for their workers, so I do my best to advocate for those who do not otherwise benefit from protection. It's the least I can do for those I can so closely relate to.

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how much is your case worth?

here are a few determining factors

Quantitative Damages 

First, I look at the numbers. For instance, how much are your medical bills? How much are you going to lose in wages from time off work? These are hard facts which are relatively difficult to challenge. The only tricky part is estimating how much your total cost might be for rehabilitation services — such as physical therapy, counseling, and chiropractic care — down the line. 

Physical & Emotional Distress

It’s a bit more ambiguous to quantify your pain and suffering, but that’s where I can help. When I measure this factor, I not only look at your current situation — I consider how your injury will affect you for the rest of your life.

Total Compensation

The final calculation of your payout is difficult to determine without considerable analysis. In order to pinpoint this figure, I will spend extensive time speaking with you, researching the other side, and crunching the numbers until I have a full picture of the situation at hand. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to readily give you a breakdown of such a complex process without doing you the disservice of providing oversimplified information. However, I am happy to calculate a rough estimate of your case’s value completely free of charge. I merely ask that you schedule a consultation at my firm so that I may look at all the facts before drafting my assessment.